James Broadbent Wedding Photography is now Chasewild - www.chasewild.com.

Hi there! I’m James. I’m an adventurer and a photographer. If you haven’t worked this out already, I love stories and I love authenticity. I love real honest moments, joy, laughter and friendship.

This is what my photography is all about, real beauty, real love and real people. If you are looking for a photographer to make you look like someone other than yourself, then I’m probably not the right photographer for you. I love to tell stories as they happen. I want to capture you and the love you share with your partner. I’m all about capturing adventures. Adventures up a mountain, through a forest or across the globe. If this gets you excited then let’s talk some more. 

If you're getting married literally anywhere in New Zealand or internationally please get in touch with me, I'd love to chat with you.